Events - Dean R. Woodhouse

Looking for images from an event I covered? Try these links:

2017 Allan Ramsay Festival

2017 Carlops Games

2017 Carlops Games (box brownie version)

2017 Burns Festival - Burns in the Borders

2016 Allan Ramsay Festival (October)

2016 West Linton Whipman Play (official photographer)  *

2016 Biggar's Riding of the Marches (at Skirling Mill) *

2016 Gumball3000 Rally through Scotland

2015 West Linton Whipman Play *

2015 Lauderdale point to point

2013 Augusta Rodeo, Montana

* - Images made available on request.

Do you need a Event Photographer?
I can provide my photography services for your events located throughout Scotland and Northern England.

This includes meets, performances, company and charitable events. I do photograph engagement photos, but I do not offer wedding photography services.

Prices are hourly rated, based on your venue requirements plus travel. Please contact me for more information.

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