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Location and Lifestyle Commercial Photography

Does your company need to showcase what makes your business have a unique personality? Are you looking for those professional images that puts you a step above the rest? Do you need consistent profile pictures? I can help with all these requirements.

Product Photography

Are you looking for photos of your work for advertising purposes? Brochures, leaflets and websites all reflect your company image. Your customer's first impressions are priceless. The difference between snapshots and quality photography can make a huge distinction in how your business is represented, and help sell more of your products.

Editorial Photography

Stock imagery and mobile phone images are fast and cheap ways to get an picture, but often reflects poorly on your company image. I can produce photographs to your requirements to reflect the image you need in your publications, with imagery that reflects what really happens in your work environment without looking staged. 

Working in Commercial Environments

I've spent well over two decades working in various business settings, and so I'm well aware of the way things typically operate. I cater to your briefs (requirements), and work with you to tailor how I can work within your environment.

I use Elinchrom pro-grade portable/studio equipment to match the lighting needs to capture your requirements. Tethered shoots are available as standard (so you can clearly see if the images meet your requirements in real time) using Capture One Pro, and wireless trigger technology to prevent tripping over unnecessary wires.

Creating Composite Images

I offer customers the ability to upload any images directly to my own private cloud server, where I can then work on creating multi layer images with your overlay images. This permits creating composites of product photographs without having to do a reshoot, saving time and money.

Please contact me with your brief/requirements so I can better estimate costs.

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