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Food Photography

Are you a restaurant looking for photos of your restaurant and prepared food for advertising purposes?  A food manufacturer looking to show off your products? PR looking to boost your customer's image?

Websites, social media and printed promotional materials all need to reflect your best image. Consumers can tell when someone used their phone, or a customer took a snapshot of their dinner. Getting good photography takes more than a camera with a flash on top; it takes the right light (avoiding direct front light that causes horrible shadows), a thought out place setting (and the camera never sees it like you do), consideration for unwanted reflections and after all that, making sure the food looks fresh enough to eat. This is why established restaurants don't expect photographs of their specialty plates to be shot quickly.

Good photography can make a huge impression on how your business is represented, helping sell more of your products. Your prospective customers are looking for tack sharp and selectively focused images, directing their eye to the most important part your product. This sometimes requires that images are assembled from multiple images (composed slightly differently) that are pieced together as one composite image.

Bringing the studio to your location

I will happily setup on site to suit your requirements, be it a restaurant or a corner office.

Photography during quieter hours is usually in your best interests, and you get the benefit of better early morning or late afternoon light (depending on your best window light). Natural light photography is common these days (when we have sunlight!). Fortunately I can make up for good old British weather using my lighting equipment.

I prefer to shoot tethered with Capture One Pro 10 (connecting my camera to my laptop, so you can clearly see if the images meet your requirements on the spot), and my lighting setup utilises wireless technology to reduce tripping over unnecessary wires (the wires that could become a trip hazard are bright orange to help remain visible!).

Please contact me with your food business photography needs to discuss further.

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