Photo Repair - Dean R. Woodhouse

Do you have a photograph you treasure that needs repair? Do you have a old photo that you would like resizing to fit in a frame?

Rips, fading, or damage from long term storage can all be brought back to life. Generally repair work in this regard is priced dependent on time necessary - generally it takes about 30 minutes for a 4x6 or 5x7, so I charge about £29 for single image repair (like the fixed examples shown here).  You will receive a new copy of approximately the same size in return.

Black and white images can also be repaired, and colourized if requested.

Old images can also be fixed and enlarged (to a reasonable degree before quality starts to drop).

Please bring in your images or contact me with questions and details, and I will give you a quote before working on them.

The images to the left are examples of repairs I have done. Click the arrows logo (hover over the image and it will be on the lower right) to see these in high resolution.

Please Note: For copyright reasons, I can only provide a like-for-like repair. In other words, enlargements are not available unless the original is old enough to be out of copyright.

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