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Do you need help with setting up a website? Are you looking at options, trying to grasp what is necessary? I can help.

Before the Internet was accessible, the closest equivalent was Compuserve. My first email address was 74737,! I've been using the Internet directly since 1995, when dialup with "Trumpet Windsock" into the nearest university was the only way into the labyrinth. I have created numerous websites, company intranets, and software interfaces. Before website creation tools (such as Dreamweaver and Fireworks) became available in the early 2000's we had to write each webpage by hand. Fortunately those days are past and there are tools available that are easy to use. 

Today I can help identify best case solutions utilising various 3rd party tools to make your content stand out. Every concept for website has a different solution, I can help you get there. 

This website has been a showcase for my photographs for nearly two decades. It has been through numerous re-designs to keep up with advances in browser technology. There are many website services available to photographers and stores, but all of them need some understanding of the interface to make them shine. Many businesses have trouble with the technical aspects of this setup, and then they have to take into account how they can adjust their workflow to push their product onto the website, for show or for sale.

Most websites do not need such a high level of interaction, and in some cases can be done without too much upfront expense. Are you simply getting out some information? Would you care if the website has 3rd party links on it? Until your website see's traffic that leads to sales, is it worth the large and long term investment?

Have you considered the legal implications of storing private information? 

The answer is often to let a 3rd party take care of your storage needs so you don't have to worry. But this requires planning and solutions.

Once done, do you know how to get your website on Google? Are your customers even web savvy?

Should you invest time in working on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others?

What is SEO anyway?

Contact me and I can help answer your questions and work out solutions to your website and design concepts. 

Recent websites: (including new refreshed market logo) / 

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